The key to drawing curly hair is to think of it like large swirls or “S” curves. When you draw the outline of the hair, start on one side of the head and make big loops all around. Curly hair can be thick…

How do you draw different curls?

curly hair anime

Drawing different curl types come from understanding the direction that each strand of hair is growing out from the scalp. Looking at the drawing below, you can see that each strand of hair grows out in a slightly different direction. If the hair is loose, it will form small spirals, while if the hair is tied back tightly in a ponytail, it will form larger curls.

So how do I draw them?  

The best way to learn this technique is to draw a character with hair tied back tightly in a ponytail. Draw the shape of her hair as if it were floating away from the scalp and sits on top of her head like a mushroom. It doesn’t matter what length or style of dress she is wearing because we don’t want to draw them – we only need to worry about drawing the hair. Now draw in some strands that fall over her face to indicate that it’s loose and not tied back tightly.

Use these strands to show how they follow the same basic direction as the other tightly tied back portions of her hair, but curl more because less tension is pulling them straight. We don’t want to draw spirals down the page, so add in some curved lines to indicate that the curls are following the direction of her head.    

Curls should be a mix between a spiral and a curve. Draw a spiral shape but make it less smooth by adding curves overlapping two spirals. The more overlap there is, the tighter the curl will appear.

How to draw curly hair Step by Step

How to draw curly hair female

You don’t have to be a professional artist to draw curly hair. In fact, you can draw curls with very little artistic skill at all.

However, before you start drawing, it’s important to know what type of curl pattern your subject has so that you can properly represent the curls in your artwork.

In this article, you’ll learn how to draw various curl patterns on your own and in no time!

Step 1: Draw the Center Line of the Head

Start by drawing a slightly curved vertical line that represents the centerline of the head. This guideline will help you correctly place and frame the hair when drawing it.

Step 2: Draw the Triangle of the Head

From this guideline, draw a triangle that points down toward where your subject’s chin will be. The bottom of the triangle should extend beyond the middle line of the head. This is because hair widens as it nears its ends and you’ll need to account for that in the drawing.

Step 3: Draw the Layers of Curl

The curl layers can be represented by circles or ovals that are evenly spread out along the triangle guideline. The more prominent layers should protrude outside the triangle, while smaller curls should be closer to the centerline.

Step 4: Draw the Outer Layers of Curl

Now draw an oval for each curl that’s closest to the outer edges of your triangle guideline. Each layer should be smaller than the one before it so that you can represent a sense of depth with your drawing. Continue drawing circles or ovals until you reach the very front of the face.

Drawing Curly Hair Step 5: Sketch the Bangs

Finally, draw the hair that covers your subject’s forehead by sketching ovals or circles along either side of their head. Please make sure each curl layer is smaller than the one before it to create a sense of depth.

Step 6: Sketch the Ears

Once you’ve established all of the main curl layers, sketch in your subject’s ears on either side of their head. You can also add some smaller curls close to the top layer if you want to give the effect that these curls are coming out from the main curl layers.

Drawing Curly Hair Step 7: Erase the Extra Lines

Now that you’ve finished your drawing go back and carefully erase all of the extra guidelines that weren’t essential to making your artwork look great. After all, you don’t want to draw over them while adding color accidentally!

Step 8: Add Color

At this point, you’re drawing your curly hair, and it’s time to add some color! You can choose whatever colors suit the subject of your artwork, but if you want a hint as to what they might look like.

How To Draw Curly Hair Cartoon

Start by drawing big, looping swirls all over the head. Curly hair can be thick or thin, but it’s always full of “S” curves. Draw the haircut lines on top of the swirly foundation you just drew. These lines will help you place the bangs and other features on the head. Draw the bangs first on the top of the head, then on either side of the face. Curly hair hangs down on either side of the face but is always drawn, starting on one side of either eye. Finish drawing curly hair by adding small swirls around the ears and filling in any holes with loose, loopy lines. Add curls along the neck to finish your picture of curly hair.

How to draw curly hair anime?

Hair is an essential part of one’s looks. It frames the face and expresses emotions. It is also very important in representing the culture, race, traditions, etc., of a person because every ethnicity has its unique hair type. Anime characters are no exception to this rule as they come from all different cultures and races across the globe. Hair color is one of the most important factors that give a character their identity.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to draw hair correctly to enhance a character’s beauty. I will be presenting a step-by-step guide on drawing curly hair anime characters.

Step 1: Draw the head and face

Draw the head and face

Most anime characters have triangular heads. This makes it easier to draw the hair as we only need to make a few basic shapes and blend them together. Longer faces mean shorter hairstyles.

Step 2: Draw the back of the head

Draw the back of the head

The back should be drawn as a half circle for long tresses or a simple oval for short tresses. This is where the length of the hair will be determined. Hair grows outwards from this area, so imagine your character looking upwards, and you should get it right.

Step 3: Draw the top of the head

Draw the top of the head

You may want to use the headband as a guide for the hairline. It should also be drawn as an oval and sent downwards to form a half-circle on one side. The front of the hair will extend backward from this line before curling up at the tips.

Step 4: Draw simple shapes for the strands of hair

Once you have established the basic forms, draw lots of slightly wavy lines. If you are drawing long hair, make sure that they are long and thick. You can also skip this step if your character has short hair.

Step 5: Paint in the guidelines

This step is optional since it makes the strands look more defined. Keep it subtle so as not to make your lines too distracting.

Step 6: Outline and shade the hair

How to Draw Curly Hair

Use a darker tone to outline the shapes and blend them inwards to give volume. You can also add highlights by drawing pure white hair strands on top of the dark ones.

You now know how to draw curly hair anime characters! This guide applies to all hair types. You can also modify the length, thickness, etc., of the strands or even change the color entirely if you want to experiment.

How to draw curly hair on a girl

This may seem like an easy task at first glance, but it can get pretty confusing once you actually start drawing.

The most important thing to remember while drawing the hair is to make sure there are no tangles in it. Make sure that there are no kinks, knots or any other irregularity in the hair.

Also, make sure that the hair is slightly wavy and not completely straight or curly.

Once you have this part down pat, give your drawing of a girl with curly hair some volume to define it better.

Make sure that the curls are half-raised to give it a more realistic look. Curly hair tends to go in different directions at all times. There is no direction where there isn’t any curl to be found.

When you have added some volume, take a dark line and surround the girl’s head with it.

How to draw curly hair female

This will appear to be the outline of the hair.

Take a lighter color than that of your original line and fill in with some squiggly lines around the head. Make sure that these lines are random, so it appears more natural rather than anything else. These lines should also not be too close together or too far apart.

After you have finished with the outline and squiggles, add some detail to your drawing by filling in the empty spaces in between all of the curls in the hair.

Here, you can clearly see how all the curls do not touch each other at any point.

Please don’t make them touch; leave some space between them. Make sure that the lines link to each other.

Also, remember to add two layers of squiggly lines around your girl’s head, like so:

After you have done this, your drawing of a girl with curly hair should be complete.

If not, look at mine below. Mine is perfect. I made sure that all the curls are separate from each other and don’t touch, that there are no tangles or knots in it whatsoever. The top part of the hair meshes with the bottom part and so on.

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